On the 25-th of July, 2010, in “MiComp” water health complex a grand opening of Europe women’s water polo Championship took place. Sportswomen from 15 countries arrived to the Championship – about 300 persons; the Championship was over on the first of August, 2010.


Dear friends!

On behalf of the whole Olympic family of Ukraine I extend my warmest congratulations on the opening of this year’s Europe water polo women’s junior Championship!

Leading young women’s water polo players from the Old World countries have gathered in hospitable Dniprodzerzhinsk in order that in bitter and uncompromising struggle they may compete in mastership and prove their right to be called the best.

Nice that it is a Ukrainian town that has the great honor to receive a contest of such scale, for this fact confirms respect of the European athletic community for the glorious water polo traditions established in our country.

I believe this year’s Europe water polo Championship will discover new names and bring unforgettable impressions and positive emotions to all the spectators and guests of the sporting event.

Let the strongest win!

Yours faithfully


Olympic champion                                                                                                 Sergey Bubka